The Story

Since 1990, Concierge Services for Students has provided personalized support services for international and out-of-state students attending school in New England.

Over the years the CSS family has grown with thousands of students from over 40 countries, as well as American students participating in a variety of programs. CSS works in conjunction with schools and their staff in order to ensure the best experience for the student. Key to the growth of CSS has been flexibility in responding to, and anticipating the changing needs of students and their families.


The Founders

When founding Concierge Services for Students, Joan Loring Alfond and Tammy Chitayat Kumin revolutionized the experience of international and out-of-state students. Between them, they are parents of six children who all attended boarding school who saw first-hand the difficult position parents find themselves in when children are attending school a great distance from home and family. Seeing how much time they spent visiting their children and all their friends while at school, be it for sports games, doctor visits, college preparation, or much needed shopping, they recognized the need for these students to have a “mom away from home.”

Joan and Tammy have cultivated in CSS a company that performs a professional service that goes far beyond routine. Together with the entire CSS staff they strive to complete tasks and meet the needs of clients with excellence, while maintaining closeness with students that truly makes Boston feel like home.